Thursday, February 14, 2019

I'm So Happy I'm Boring

The angrier I am the funnier I am.  Now that's my opinion.  You may not think I'm funny at all, and in that you would be wrong, moan chair, because I am funny as fuck;  but I'm funnier when I'm pissed off and I don't know why that is.

We just watched Ron White's latest routine, and about died laughing about what was actually 45 minutes of sincere self-loathing and misogyny punctuated by cigar smoke.  This guy hates everything, and himself most of all.  And we were in tears laughing, like most of the people in the televised audience were by the end of his set.

I saw John Cleese live, and yes, I am totally bragging here;  and he noted the same thing, with words to the effect of  "The more you tell people how bad things are, and the more accurately you describe it, the louder and longer they laugh!"  Now the thing about Mr. Cleese is that he is a. the man who Should Have Been The Father Of My Children, and b. Chillingly vicious.  Nevertheless, I love this guy.  I want own him.  I want to clean him with my tongue.  Knowing that I wouldn't get a thing back from the man but a snide comment, if that.

Another thing he said, after delivering the observation noted above, was "So what is it exactly that's wrong with you all?"

Good question.

I was funniest when I was angry, and I had a lot to be angry about for a lot of years.  I brought "Paul" (my old blog) back from the dead under the guise of "Steve" (where you are right now, you lucky bastard) to deal with the excess negative energy of a marital crisis, and I wrote some good stuff. Now that things in my life have settled down, I'm writing moody crap.  Some of it's good moody crap, too.  But the point is that I'm not putting down as much humor as I was....but I am reasonably happy.  So where are the laffs?