Friday, April 12, 2024

4. Nationality (check all that apply)

 Well, what do you know. After all these years, come to find out I'm Klamath.  

Am I going to look up my relatives?


I was adopted. This seems to be a subject of intense interest for other people. They think I must be obsessed with finding out about my background. That I feel like a lost lamb. The biggest and most incorrect assumption, though, is that I must be heartbroken wondering Why My Family Didn't Want Me. 

I do not care. I mean come on. That shit happened when I was a baby. It's like asking a cat why it isn't interested in Australia. I have no memories around which to construct any feelings, so I didn't.  

I did not expect this information to have any effect on me, but it has.  Suddenly, and for the first time in my life, I have a people, and they've been here for thirteen thousand years and probably more; so I have a land, too. It's Southern Oregon.   

This really pleases me. 


  1. I had to look up the Klamath, obviously. Not great travellers, it seems. They lived for thousands of years around a few lakes and rivers and never knew the Pacific Ocean existed.

    I expect your next recipe post witll involve Lomatium canbyi and Sagittaria cuneata... Jx

  2. Well done you, sweetpea! The MITM and I used Ancestry to trace both our families. Results were not surprising, but very interesting. xoxo

  3. I really am glad you only got increased happiness from the news. But you need to be more interested in Australia. I'm not, but you should be.

  4. The most important thing is to be happy with yourself, who you are and where ever you come from.
    I think you are and I think being Klamath is pretty damn cool.

  5. Bugger! I will have to go back at least 8000 years to find common ancestors