Sunday, May 24, 2020

Goodbye Facebook, Goodbye

I am done.  I've messed with Facebook long enough.  I'm going to post here, just like the old days, at length, and that wen on the ass of Trump that is Zuckerberg can suck a big green one.

I was really surprised and happy that you stopped by and commented, you guys.  I had no idea I was still a presence out here in Blogland.  One person that I absolutely have to get in touch with is Sophie.  If anyone out there knows Sophie, let her know that I'm not coming back to the salt mines.  She was my first online friend, and she's like a neice.  An evil neice.  I like my evil neice a lot.

Similarly Colin Ham, Gareth Hanna and his knockoff Chinese watches, Mr. C, Jungle Jane and Rob King,  Diane Patmore, Stephen Hopkins, Anthony, Pamela Austman, Pamela Troeppl-Kinneard, the Elvin Tailor and his lovely husband, and anyone you know that I know that you know I know even though I have forgotten their names because I'm somewhat drunk.  Get on the jungle telegraph and pass the word.  Give them my blog addo, please.  I miss you guys already!!

...but you know what's good?  BEING FIRSTNATIONS AGAIN!!!!


  1. I posted on facebook that you'd been kicked off, so at least our mutual fb friends are now aware. And if you don't know, Ponita = Pamela. I look forward to your rambly-ness here in bloggerland again. I have to admit I haven't been very active on here much but who know, maybe we will all get back here again like in the old days! xoxo

  2. PS: I should add that Ponita = Pamela Austman, because Pamela T is out there too.

  3. Ponita: Yes, I remember you! I also remember when you re-named yourself 'Ponygirl' and were astounded at the kind of people who were tee-hee'ing about that rename! That's waaaaaay back when. So even though you still aren't the boss of me, I'm glad to see you here and hope that we can stay connected. It's been So Stinkin' Many Years, right?