Monday, May 25, 2020

The Utterly Bearable Lightness of No More Politics

So I've cut the cord.  No more Facebook, the dumping ground for everyone's rage at the machine.  And I don't miss that for a minute, kids.  Facebook had nearly stopped being fun altogether.  It was downright grim, and there were lots of times I just couldn't work up the ambition to read another twenty five posts about government policy.

I swore that I would not grow up to be the type of old person who spent all their time pissed off about politics.  I have a few issues that I'm concerned about and that I work on, but I can't run the world.  I CAN be informed about what's happening in the White House and other countries, and I am, but honestly - is my constantly, constantly spouting bile about the condition of world politics going to do shit for good?  State your opinion and then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT - and then move on, please, for the love of Christ, people.  Look away from the abyss!  Take deep, cleansing breaths.  Let go of the darkness.
Let the light shine in.
Sing a simple song.
Happy place.
Happy place.

One thing I am not going to miss is UK politics.  I'm gonna put it on the record right now:  Y'alls government is regrettable.  Watching Parliament in action is like watching  a room full of unsupervised first graders in full cry.  Furthermore, no matter who is in charge, everyone in the UK is going to LOATHE that person.  No wonder you're always having to get bailed out by Dr. Who.
Come to that, no wonder Dr. Who periodically says 'OMG fuck this action' and croaks.  He needs the rest.

You totally owe me that one, UK. 

Another thing I'm not going to miss is that one person whose sole, obsessive interest is dogging on The United States. Particularly when the person in question MAKES A GOOD PART OF THEIR INCOME FROM AMERICAN CLIENTS.  Yeah, scuttle home to Iceghanistan and call down a rain of plague on 'Murrica, you creep; the fact remains - those greenbacks spend real good, don't they. 

You all have your own national problems to worry about. They deserve worrying about.  Don't let our current shitshow distract you.

Oh that felt great! OK.  What else don't I miss about Facebook?

Being censored, being booted, having my information harvested, being dragooned into new iterations that strip away the stuff I have in place that block ads, being pimped features and rooms and stories and permanent links and games and fun surveys.  Yeah. That. That and the foaming, raving nutjobs calling for armed revolution, rage in the streets and cross burning, the ones who believe that nanobots are being injected into their children and they're being tagged with satellite markers.  They come on down eight to the bar on Facebook, but one mention of middle-aged male THO's and my ass is gone.

What I am apparently supposed to take away from this is that raving, Flat-Earth, gun nut tinfoil-hat-wearing, racist, God Fearin' anti LGTBQ - speak is fine... as long as you don't mention Brian Johnsons tits.




Z said...

Not sure I want to click on that link. Anyway, welcome back, again, to real social media as it should be. I have to admit that I'm not so good at checking in as I used to be. More like once a week than every day. But I catch up sooner or later. I'm reliable, as well as sensible and nice and all that boringly dull stuff :(

Steve. Because 'Steve' is almost as nice a name as 'Paul'. said...

Aw, Zoe, don't be scared lil' buckaroo! It's not a gross picture. And I'm not messing with you either, madame. It's just a funny picture I found. I'll probably be posting once a day, like I did on Facebook - until I don't. Reliable, sensible and nice are really good things. I always looked forward to reading your posts because they were reliable, sensible and nice.

savannah said...

Well, hot damn and WTF again, sweetpea! I found myself writing on the ole blog yesterday just because I could and also, I really did want to just write without thinking about possible responses! Jesus, we have to self censor enough in "polite society" so given this safer at home time, well there it is, I'm/we're all safer in Blogville! #FuckTheZuck xoxo

Z said...

I know, I was joking. BTW, you know that 'adult content' warning? I can't get past it at present. I click on continue and it doesn't bring me to your blog, but the same page reloads. I had to get in via yesterday's comment notification.

Mistress Maddie said...

I am over from the sweet Savay's place....but I do believe I remember you in many a gathering at Mistress MJ's dump for some of her debaucherous parties. Tis the same person?

And sweet mother of Pearl...I'm not on Facebook and have never been, but if I ever thought about it, you have succeeded in scaring the living hell right out of me.

And your quotes about " Watching Parliament in action is like watching a room full of unsupervised first graders in full cry. Furthermore, no matter who is in charge, everyone in the UK is going to LOATHE that person." had me in stitches….and not untrue dear.

Steve. Because 'Steve' is almost as nice a name as 'Paul'. said...

Mistress Maddie: It's been so many years and there's been so many username changes that...well, yeah, I used to be a regular over at MJ's since she first started - then I got tired of being the only boy with a vagina. Who might I have known you as? it's driving me nuts!!!

Mistress Maddie said...

Well dear, I think we were two ships passing in the night for about a year and always used my current name...but you and Norma... and the things you said fucking tickled me honey. In all the right places. How is your vagina doing these days?