Monday, November 16, 2020

A Blast From The Past

 Hey there fellow nerds!  Ya wanna read a surprisingly enlightened exploration of love, homosexuality and the fluidity of gender from 1908?  No shit, kiddies - nineteen oh eight.  Surprisingly, us folks used to be called 'Uranians'.  Or 'Urnings.'  (Insert Rowan and Martin joke here:  How much are Greeks Urning?  About a buck fifty!!!)  

Admit it. That's some funny shit right there.

Here the linkie:

Everybody needs to belong to EGutenberg.  It is The Tits.

I'm trying to write a story about a lesbian, so I'm doing my research.  I mean, I was there, but being Bi, I just went around everywhere and waited for the vibe to happen.  I wasn't entrenched in the lesbian community.  (Yes.  In Oregon in the 1970's, lesbians lived in trenches.  It was rough out there.) There was a definite culture going on, but I never stuck around long enough to learn the secret password and handshake.  I just remember really, profoundly, shitty, grim, horrifying bars full of women in casual wear dancing to 'I Can't Go For That' by Hall and Oates. I did learn how to close dance with another woman, though, which was fun.

I read Stone Butch Blues years ago, and I only related to half of it, as you'd expect.  A lot of what was being described was not what I saw, either. It being the Seventies in Portland, I was around a lot of younger women trying to rewrite what being queer was all about, and it seemed to be about wearing casual clothes and dancing to Hall and Oates. And boycotting Coors (booo) and drinking Anchor Steam Beer (yay! support your community!)  Then I met my girlfriend, and coasted on that for a year.  

So, I study, and in my travels found this little gem of a book.  It's not a terrifically engaging read- BUT! there are some awesome passages so it's worth the slog, lil buckaroo; don't be lazy! - until you get to the Appendix, where there are a number of testimonials from gay men and women of the day.  They're amazing to read.  Everyone is a little leery of coming right out and admitting to the sex, but consider the times.  And then there's those that do own it, and that is absolutely mind blowing.  Think of how brave you had to be to even write that letter, or talk to the author!


As long as I'm here I'm going to add this issue:  Women wearing mens' underwear. Specifically tighty whities. This, I do not understand and never have.  Fitted uns are constructed to fit certain bodies.  If you are female and you wear tighty whities, (y-fronts to you Brits) you are going to have this floppy pouch sticking out in front.  It feels weird and it looks weird and it is unpredictably breezy at times. 

Yes, I have worn mens' tighty whitey-style underwear on a number of occasions. Once, out of of sheer curiosity. (Therein lies a tale.)  The rest of the times, I was out of clean uns.*  My ex-husband, who was built like a chihuahua, wore the same size as I did, so necessity ruled the day.  As petit as he was, I still had that funky pouchy thing sticking out in front. And t.w's have these beefy leg bands that are apparently there so that your dick and balls don't fall out and run down your leg and off into the distance laughing hysterically. They are horrid and they chafe. But apparently wearing these things is de rigueur among studs. This is not a news flash by any means, I know, but...they're not comfortable.  If you're not wearing high heels, why are you wearing Tee Dubs? Why do that to yourself? WHY GOD WHY.

Not that I am the Underpants Police, or a Bottom Inspector.  Link follows.  If you don't hit that link your soul is dead.  

If you can get with mens' briefs, that is totally OK with me.  I am only concerned for the comfort and general welfare of my people.  So if you're female, and you're reading this post sat in a pair of mens' beefers, take a moment and ask yourself "Am I really comfortable?  Or am I just sitting in a lie?"  I think everybody should do this at some point in their lives.  Are you really getting the most out of your underwear experience? Is your hine ruled by your politics, or do your politics rule your hine, or however I meant that sentence to come out?  I say you should always put comfort and hygiene first.  

That's why I go commando in mens' sweat pants.

*Speaking of a blast from the past, do hit this link (demanding, aren't I?) and revisit the last time I ever wore a pair of mens' underpants, which post is most excellently well and truly described as 'A Blast From The Past'


  1. Sweet cheeks....the last whole part of this damned post had me laughing hysterically!!!!! But I will tell you, a few of these ho's that read here I know never heard of bloomers!!! They go commando!!!!! I do both. Nice to air the boys on occasion. I have undies of all sorts, hell, I may have even wore a fig leaf once.

    And I might be one gay boy who has more fun with the Lesbyterians. Many a time I have closed down a lesbyterian bar drinking and slamming shots. Confuses my gay boy friends but who cares. I love a mixed bar. When in Rehoboth, I always hang with them. Granted when they pat me on the back I almost get knocked off my bar stool. And they have larger tits then me.

  2. @maddie - hee hee hee! hell, I have bigger tits than you do, and I ain't gay!

    @steve - I have been commando (top and bottom) since 1977. no bras, no undies. to quote an old song, WHAT A FEELING!

  3. No, I have never worn men's underpants!!! Why would I do such a thing? I have however worn a man's vest as a baggy T-shirt, and have learnt close dancing with a fellow female - though not at the same time.

  4. I do not believe anyone wears tighty whiteys anymore. My Facebook feed is besieged by adverts of non chafe breathable bamboo knitted undercrackers with a 3D pouch . Its the future of foundation garments apparently.
    As you know I assist in running the fabulous Cafe Jagos , we are what best be described as a "We Do Not give a Flying fig" what you get up to in the privacy of your home or garden , if you wanna dance, drink and have fun . Leave your pronouns at the door and have some yourselves a good time ;-)
    Your Facebooking public were asking where you have gone so I said I would hunt you down and check all is OK . I will report you are fine and Dandy and steer clear of trying to explain Lesbian undergarments
    Toodle Pip

  5. I've never worn men's drawers, but when super nana was in high school (girls), they all wore men's boxers over their panties, under their uniform skirts! Go figure! just seemed like double laundry to me! xo

  6. You know how it's inconvenient to go out onto the dance floor with your handbag? If you're wearing tighty-whities, the floppy pouch can hold your essentials.

  7. Mistress Maddie: Glad I madeja laugh! You returned the favor with the new noun 'Lesbeterians'!

  8. anne marie in philly: I started my 'total commando' phase about five years ago, and it's WOOOOOOOOOONDERFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL!

  9. Ms Scarlet: If you wore mens underpants, a mans vest and danced with a woman at the same time you would blow a hole in space/time and we'd all get sucked through it into the future. So it's all on you, lady. There may be a time when you have to make that call!

  10. Beast: BEAST BEAST BEAST BEAST BEAST BEAST BEAST BEAST BEAST BEAST BEAST BEAST BEAST BEAST BEAST BEAST BEAST BEAST BEAST BEAST !!!!!! OMFG you KNOW where I am, why don't you visit more often??? Butthead! I miss you! As you seem to have appointed yourself my messenger, tell everybody back at Facebook that I am HERE FOR GOOD!

  11. Savannah: I remember wearing shorts under my school uniform skirt so I could climb the monkey bars without all the boys giggling and snickering at me from down below. I'll bet that's why Super Nana (a superheroine I would like to meet) was wearing boxers!

  12. The Mistress: My essentials include a wallet and an asthma inhaler, which would give onlookers reason to pause and reflect, if not straight up scream and run.