Thursday, November 26, 2020

Your Great-Great-Grandparents Were Vegetarian, God-the-Mother Worshipping, Gay, Naked, Hippies

...but first, a word from FirstNations.

So here in the US it's Thanksgiving, and we here at Rancho FirstNations are thankful that Biden is our President elect.  All that "I refuse to leave office" Trump horseshit on the news is just Trump spin-doctoring for his peasants. 

 Here's the scoop:  right now we're in a period known as a 'Lame Duck Presidency'. It's the period of time between the election of the new President, and when he officially takes office on January the 20th.  All this spreading fear, the tales of locked doors and the Million Maga Marches is the result of credulous people having been trained to be ignorant by the Right media, or just plain not being aware of how their own goddamn country works.  

The 'lame duck' period is in place with the idea being that the outgoing president will have time to get his affairs in order, take care of loose ends and get his shit packed and so forth.  It's the 20th Amendment of our fucking Constitution for Heavens' sake!  This is business as usual in the United States. 

Our press is absolutely guilty of assuming that the general public has any real knowledge of history past who was voted the winner of  America's Got Talent, or who won the Superbowl in 1977.  I guess putting out boring facts isn't as cash productive as reporting The Orangapresidents' latest wacky antics minus context.

So if you're in another country freaking out thinking that Trump is going to nail the doors of the White House shut and not come out, Do Not Worry. It's just the same old asswind from the Orange Thing.


 The International Association For The Preservation Of Spiritualist And Occult Periodicals is based in Forest Grove, Oregon (surprise, surprise!) and is absolutely solid gold.  If you are a Pagan, a Wiccan, or whatever your left-of-center persuasion, your great-great grandparents were enthusiastically writing about it and practicing its tenets.  If you want proof in the form of a whole treasure trove of primary source materials including personal diaries,  go here:

I sincerely hope that anybody out there who is a practicing Pagan of whatever flavor will use these archives to learn about their history as it ORIGINALLY appeared in popular context.  The collection comes from all over the world!  The UK is well represented, and they were in close contact with the US; there's a lot of ideological cross pollination.  It's wonderful stuff!  Some of it very thoughtful, and some of it absolutely....damn.  Just DAMN. Here is an example of what I mean:

If you were a steampunk writer, this would be your playground.  The same goes for historical mystery and horror writers.  Phillip K. Dick would have shit himself with rapture if he'd had this to play with.  If you're me, you're giggling with delight!



anne marie in philly said...

"It's just the same old asswind from the Orange Thing." - and it STILL fucking stinks just as much as it did on 1/20/17! LOCK HIM UP!

Ms Scarlet said...

Thank you for the explanation regarding Trump. He will get arrested at some point though, won't he??? Please???
Maybe he could be arrested and sent on a literal visit to planet Mars?

Steve. Because 'Steve' is almost as nice a name as 'Paul'. said...

anne marie in philly: There are so many pending lawsuits against the man that you'd think that would be the natural result. I, however, think he's going to be spirited out of the US on a Russian submarine and spend the rest of his life in a plush 'apes and peacocks" dacha hidden in the wildwood. If we're lucky he'll be eaten by wolves one day while he's out chipping shots.

Steve. Because 'Steve' is almost as nice a name as 'Paul'. said...

Ms Scarlet: He's already screwed this planet, why set him loose on poor Mars? Mars doesn't deserve that!
He'll never see the inside of a jail. Now let's say that miracles do happen, and he does get incarcerated? It'll be in one of the Federal 'Wrist-Slap' penitentiaries meant for the wealthy, which are like college quads, with open campuses, trees, catering and lovely furnished apartments. This is a real thing. You sit around with your fellow wealthy criminals in something like a student four-plex with a shared kitchen and public area, swapping stories and networking. No shit.