Friday, July 23, 2021

Muk At The Movies: American Horror Story (And Others)

 Once again I come late to the game with American Horror Story.  That shit is played and done.  But here is what I got out of it:

"Coven" starts out strong and end up in a lot of unnecessary racism, gore and bitch-biddy bullshit.  It lapses into the "No group of women can create a strong group with a central goal and carry out that goal to a successful completion because they'll all get their periods and cry and have tantrums" sad played old stereotype, which was a sin and a shame to see so many great actresses have to flog.

"Freak Show" is absolute GOLD.  You cannot predict where the story is going, there are tributes to Tod Browning and David Bowie and....WATCH IT. WATCH IT HARD. WATCH IT NOW BABY NOW!!

The rest?  Asylum?  FUCK DAT.  There is no way in hell that my mentally ill ass is watching 'Asylum'.  'One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest' was rough enough for me.  This shit?  This Dr. Chenard, House on Haunted Hill - messed up nasty medical shit? No, buddy.

"Murder House"? Yawn.

"Cult"?  Been there, done that, it wasn't entertaining.

The rest?  Kids, I said 'Life is too short.'

You start to notice repeat themes.  The 'stabbing someone 300 times, and doing so like a Dunking Duck on high speed' scene.  The 'group of people chopping and stabbing the fuck out of someone like a Dunking Duck on high' speed scene. The 'barfing' scene. (People are just upchucking all over the place in American Horror Story.  I promise you there is not that much barfing going on in America.)  The 'group sex' scene. The 'horrifying misuse of  a child' scene.  The 'bobbing fluffy bottom of the male top' scene.  The 'random reversal of loyalties' theme.  The 'hysterically and dementedly rapid fucking' scene.  And the 'spiritus ex machina' shit is just rampant.  I mean, nobody's ass can stay dead in 'Coven'. 

Man, watch the hell out of 'Freak Show'.  It's brilliant.  You do not know what's going to happen next and the characters and script are astounding.

Skip the rest.


Muk at the Movies II:  A surprise winner, a little hidden gem, simply entitled 'Monster'.  It takes place mainly in Mexico, and concerns aliens, Trumps' Wall, and aliens.  An excellent and scary little film.

Hidden gem 2:  'Dolly Parton:  Here I Am.'  I am not a country/western fan, and I am not a big fan of the female singing voice.  It's Dolly herself that shines here, and I was absolutely captivated.  The woman is an undeniable talent, but it's her titanium professionalism that comes through.  This woman is in complete charge of  her image, and plays to the cheap seats, unapologetically - and boy, did she know what she was doing.  Thinking about starting a company?  Take Dolly's attitude as your North Star. Give absolutely nothing of yourself away. Utterly divorce your private self from your public self.  Get multiple boob jobs.

Hidden gem and guilty pleasure 3:  'Cat People', a limited documentary series.  The first episode is about batshit weirdo nutty people from Portland Oregon, which I am all about.  The rest of the episodes are entertaining as well.  Interestingly, in 'Cat People' the stories are all about the cats.  In the limited series 'Dog People' the story always revolves around the owners.


Mistress Maddie said...

Oh dear. I'm a HUGE American Horror Story fan. The earlier seasons I enjoyed more thought. The Asylum season was good except for the UFO angle...too many directions for one season. My favorite season have been, Coven, Murder House, Freak Show and Hotel the best. And Jessica Lange kills it every season she is on.

Couse in Coven, I see a lot of myself in Myrle Snow.

And what's not to like about Dolly lambchop. She make everything better. Maybe they should put her in American Horror Story.

ProximaBlue said...

Well, then. I guess I'll have to give Freakshow a try.

You comment about the show cat people and dog people is extra funny because according to the pets, isn't that how they see the world around them too? The dog about the human, the cat about itself?

Jennifer said...

Freakshow was my favorite too! I couldn't watch much of the mental hospital one, it got too disturbing very early on. Murder House was okay. Coven was okay, I agree with your assessment of it entirely. Those might be the only seasons I've seen. For some reason I've become kind of a wussie about horror films in the last 10 years or so!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I've never seen any AHS - it just doesn't appeal to me (I'm over all that horrible, grim, dark & depressing stuff).
Monsters, however... Oh, wow, I love that film!! Such a quiet, scenic, thought-provoking film. The personal and physical journey the two main characters go on as they make their way across Mexico is just captivating. And the monsters themselves are entrancing!

63mago said...

HAven't been to the movies since 1932.