Wednesday, July 28, 2021

OMG, Y'all

 My granddaughter just came out as gay!!!!!!!!

She is in her early teens, and God bless her, she was the last one to know.  I get to say the following here because this is my blog:  She is the cutest most adorable baby dyke EVER.  She got her side-shave swag haircut and her bad Doc Martins, got her jeans all cuff-rolled, got her pocket T-shirt on, and I could not be more enchanted or proud.  I just got the picture and I am over the MOON!

All of you on here, who read me, I want you to  know:  You all helped make the world safe for my granddaughter to live in.  All of you.  And I thank you.



  1. That is great news!!!!!! May she have a long and fun filled life as the newest Lesbyterian, as I like to call them! Your too sweet toots!!!! Shall I send her some Home Depot giftcards?

  2. Oh, how marvellous! I'm sure she'll be a smashing Lebanese!

  3. I just had another one of my Grandchildren Come Out {but only to a select few Relatives such as Myself and her Mom} as Gender Fluid. Her Older Brother is and now she's 14 I think she realizes her Sexuality is different and becoming comfortable about it somewhat. I raised her Brother, he'll be 21 Tomorrow and the Oldest Sister... her Paternal Gramma is Raising her and the Two Younger Sisters. She lives in Mexico where being LGBTQ is more complicated and not as embraced as here so she said we can't tell her Gramma Saint Maria or her Dad and his side of the Family as they would likely be upset and perhaps disown her. That's unfortunate that Culturally she will be hard pressed to be herself as freely as she is to us, knowing we have Unconditional Love and Acceptance of who she was meant to just BE. There are several LGBTQ in my side of the Family and my Dad being Native American was accepted Tribally as a Two Spirit Person. In Indigenous Cultures it was no Big Deal and everyone was Valued for what they could do for the Tribal Community and were Gifted at. In fact, in his Culture they were more revered as endowed by the Creator with more than the average person because they transcended Gender. Bravo to your Granddaughter for being confident and Proud of who she is.

  4. Congratulations!!! All the very best to your Granddaughter - she will do great - she has you in her corner.