Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Make The Bad Snow Go Away!

 It snowed yesterday.  It was not supposed to snow.  It was supposed to be sunny and 42f.  But it snowed.  And today, the shit's still there.

I am way over snow.  Living out here, snow means 'some dumbass is going to drop a tree on the lines and our power is going to go out."  Because sure as shit, someone will decide that the cottonwood (not a good firewood tree, but an excellent 'fall on your house' tree) next to the power lines on their property will make perfect firewood, fire up the chainsaw - or, in one memorable incident, run their tractor into the tree until it fell on him, the tractor, and the line - and, boom boom! out go the lights!  

Still, it's pretty, and I should quit bitching.  We have a generator if the power goes out, and this is not our first rodeo.  Country livin', friends. 

So someone sent me, for Christmas, a three foot tall inflatable pickle.  I inflated it immediately.  It seems like a happy pickle, and it saved me having to get a Christmas tree - hell, it's green!  and so, I have a three foot tall inflatable pickle in my house.  My friends know me well!  Indigo Roth, if you're out there, thank you SO much!  I got a good laugh out of it and so did the Biker.

We have Christmas lights up, and they looks great.  Red, white and blue! We also have both our Biden-Harris signs prominently displayed, and we've had a couple of coal-dumps

"Blowing coal"  is when somebody with a diesel truck and a tiny dick wants to show his ass.  

 and an angry honk-n-rev or two because of that, and I love it!  

See, Democrats are supposed to be Un-American socialist sleazebags looking for a free ride, at least in local tradition, and it just burns the Republicans to see us, proud home owners, with our flag out on all national holidays, our tidy yard, display garden, our late model cars and our red, white and blue Christmas lights.  We refuse to comply with their stereotypes and dammit, that just will not do!  What kind of an idiot lets that kind of thing get them so pissed off that they present a hazard to traffic? Coaling a house???  REALLY??   Back during the elections, I had my Biden-Harris sticker, and a nut in a truck almost sideswiped me, flipping me off and honking, at one of the busiest intersections in Bellingham - I mean the idiot swerved out of his lane and acted like an ass because of a sticker! And my husband was repeatedly coaled on his way home from work because of his Biden-Harris sticker.  That certainly showed him.  Gaah, what a bunch of losers. 

Of course I hope all of you have a wonderful Winter Holiday.  The Biker is going to fire up the smoker and do a pork loin wrapped in bacon.  You know you wish you were me!

Let me know in the comments what you're going to be up to!



Ms Scarlet said...

My MP's name is Cox - you can imagine the fun we have with his posters :-)
Meanwhile, have to admit that I'm still not over snow - well, that's until I try to walk in it.

Have a very Merry Christmas, Ms Stevie-Paul!!

anne marie in philly said...

tonight we will have snacks and booze.

tomorrow I will have lasagna and spouse will have a ham steak; there will be wine and mince tarts too.

on new year's day, we have a slow cooked boneless pork loin and sauerkraut (he's german) and an xmess pudding with brandy butter for dessert (I'm british). of course there is another bottle of wine.

the 8" of snow we had last wednesday is almost gone.

season's greetings to you and all at your house!

Mistress Maddie said...

I love snow as long as i can make naked snow angels. Funny you should post the picture of the truck with all the smoke. A guy living here has one and everytime he starts that truck and leaves....smoke pillows all over the place like a think fog. And if you have windows open it comes in. The association is already addressing it with him...and he only just moved in sugar plum!!!! So that what all the fucking smoke is from.

I wore my Mayor Peter short home and stopped for gas...and the attendant liked my shirt he said. Could be bat for my team? Maybe i should have told him to look under my carriage? A blow up pickle????? That sounds about right...can i have a ride?

A Happy Yuletide to you and BB!!!!! You have lightened my season 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

dinahmow said...

An inflatable pickle! I had to clean my glasses to make sure it wasn't a prickle-thing.
Yesterday's rain made it cold enough to switch the menu-salmon took a back seat to steak pie, slow-cooked with shiraz and mushrooms.I see you'll be having traditional Jewish fare. L'chaim!

Z said...

Indigo Roth is, quite possibly, the best guy in the whole world. I heart him heartily.

Flooding here, I'd prefer snow. But we had a good Christmas and managed to see nearly all the family. Won't see them again until February at least. Blini with caviare and smoked salmon, followed by roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, roast parsnips, peas (well, there were two small children there), horseradish sauce, proper fresh mustard and a bucket of gravy, followed by proper Christmas pudding doused in brandy and set alight (the four-year-old had two helpings) with two sorts of ice cream (from Jersey cows) and cream. We didn't manage the Stilton.

Just catching up with t'internets after being Really Busy.

Steve. Because 'Steve' is almost as nice a name as 'Paul'. said...

Z: OH MY STARS AND GARTERS YOU'RE BACK Z!!!! I was thinking terrible things! Angry weasels had stolen you and were holding you for ransom in an undisclosed location - you were stuck in the chimney again - an angry Saxon ghost chased you around with a metal detector - you have no idea how I worried!
And yes, they don't get better than Indigo Roth. One misses him with a powerful missingness. I just re-read 'Funny Badgers', in fact. Love you!

Z said...

I've been blogging all along, darling, though a bit sporadically (the link is to my old blog, however, which doesn't get updated much, though) but I've neglected reading and commenting, I'm sorry to say. I missed it so must do better - and I love you too xx