Thursday, March 4, 2021

Naked Fireworks Unicorn

 Home again.  Yeah, well, it had to happen.  

It seems like it might actually be Spring.  I don't want to curse it by coming out with a statement of fact, but it seems to be happening out there.  I could be wrong.  I don't know.  Really.  I don't.  But I've been able to put in a couple days of work in the garden and really made a difference, and it looked like buds were budding and leaves were leafing and snowdrops were dripping or however that goes.

It really rescued my sanity, being able to work outside again.  As you all know I came real close to losing it this past Winter.  I had been one of these people who thought 'Yeah, so stick me in jail and just try to punish me with Solitary Confinement; that's My LIFE, assholes' but apparently it's only my life for a few months.  So if I ever do get thrown in jail (it's only a matter of time)  I'll have to try not to shank anyone.  I mean shit, that impulse is something I fight off weekly here on the outside, so, yeah.


We just got the biggest box of Girl Scout cookies you ever saw.  This was not something that I knew that the Biker had ordered, but apparently one of the parents where he works was shopping them around.  I pick up this giant box at the Post Office yesterday, super heavy, and I have no idea what it is. Found it busted open this morning with half the cookies gone.  Aha.  So I quickly snagged a few packages and hid them in my room, because I am six, and Girl Scout cookies.  About $80.00 worth of fucking Girl Scout Cookies.  My God. 

 Did I eat an entire package of Samoas?  Yes.


We are bingeing on Peaky Blinders and DAMN it's good.  Season One could have stood by itself, perfect ending, great place to stop if you don't want to get hooked.  I did because it has the best fucking soundtrack, of all things!  If you haven't seen it, it's about a 1920's gangster family in Birmingham UK.  Super violent, super bloody, excellent story.  Season Two, it's getting kind of Godfather-ish...the creeping rot, the decline and fall of a criminal empire kind of thing.  Still good, but I see myself bailing pretty soon.  The only thing marring Season 2 is all the fucking PJ Harvey songs.  GAAAAAAAH PJ Harvey.  I hate that pukey hipster girl singing and the deliberately awkward lyrics, like Alanis Morissette.  But I can still forgive them that because of all the Nic Cave, White Stripes, Raconteurs, Arctic Monkeys, The Kills, Royal Blood and so forth.  Super dynamic tunes backing the action, and not at all what you'd expect, but the mood matches perfectly.


I have to remember to get my second part of the shingles vaccine. I'm due this month.  After seeing what so many of the elderly in my life have gone through, the terrible pain; and just from having chicken pox in your youth?  Hell, I caught it four different times!  No way I'm NOT going to get that taken care of.  If you haven't already, do it soon.  it's such an easy thing to do and it spares you absolute agony - go. Now.  I mean it.


Jon said...

I'm desperately looking forward to Spring actually arriving, too - we had a bit of false hope the other weekend, with 17C temperatures, but now it's just bleak and cold again. Hate it. Jx

anne marie in philly said...


The Mistress said...

I can't see my garden for the snow.

Yay@Anne Marie. I have to wait 'til July, at the earliest.